Day 881

Yesterday was the day I started this blog but it wasn’t day 1 of my journey to living simply (peace and happiness), technically that started the day I was born. Then came twists and turns along the way, drama and complicated living to teach me how I didn’t want to be… But a new beginning started…

Egg drop soup with bone broth

One of my favorite new things to make with bone broth is egg drop soup. I am drinking it now for breakfast. You can use chicken or beef broth. My other ingredients are some organic frozen corn kernels, a few drops of coconut aminos and salt and pepper to taste. I get a slow boil…

Waiting for simple

I churned my own butter today. I read about Bentonite clay baths, and 6 reasons I should be using activated charcoal. I looked up the recipe for homemade deodorant. And started the morning putting my fresh batch of bone broth in bottles. Yesterday I started dry brushing my skin and I contemplated giving up coffee….

Budget Schmudget

52 years old and has never followed a budget. Is that a record? Is there a prize I have earned beyond the mediocre credit score? My financial style is like my gardening style. I call it the “Seat of my pants, figure it out as I go” method. But now I have decided I want…

Back to Basics Minimalism

Loved this new blog I found and this post was wonderful. As I look at 6 more boxes to take to DI (our Utah version of Goodwill) I am feeling the benefits of decluttering. Source: Back to Basics Minimalism